20 August, 2014

Twinner neon rainbow nails!

By now, you should know of Courtney from Polished Lifting. She has amazing fingernails, is a tough chick, and also happens to be one of my best friends.

Last month we both got a gorgeous bright-as-hell pink, Watermelon Fizz, from Rainbow Honey. So obviously we needed to do a twin mani with it! We decided to leave as much of the color open as possible and just went with a rainbow of neon studs from Firecracker Lacquer. (Self plug, whaddup.)

So, here is my half of our twinner nails. You *have* to go check out her nails because they are long and gorgeous and look so much cuter than mine. She also has a crazy pretty macro of this beauty. So hurry and do it, and then be sad at my nubs with me. Okay? Okay.

This color is so freaking gorgeous. It's got serious flaky goodness and pink neon-ness and overall I think everyone should own it. Go buy it. Hurry.

Taken with my S5 in direct sunlight


  1. Wow *.* stunning!! That pink is cray-zay! It's almost glowing.
    Aww but your nubs are so cute and have so much potential! This is just their awkward phase.

  2. It's such a hot pink! I'm totally in love with it. I am so glad I picked this one up.

    And thanks. Hopefully they grow up big and strong and long... wait... what was I talking about? Nubs... hrm, still a little off course...

  3. I kind of dig short nails now for some reason. So cute!

  4. Thanks! I'm sort of used to them now. I want them a bit longer but I don't think I'll ever have them super long.

  5. Personally I love nubbies. :) You'll have them grown out before you know it.

  6. I absolutely looooove how these look with your studs!

    You know, I used to be super big on long nails (I won the yearbook superlative for Longest Nails in 8th grade, lol) but I started keeping them short when Chooch was a baby and just like them better this way. Short nails can be just as cute! <3

  7. Thank you! I will never not love neons. It's just part of being an 80's child, I think.

    I am fine with them being short, just not this short, since I paint the end of my fingers too much. haha I'll probably only let them get just past the end of my fingers and keep them there. I wasn't big on the rounded shape before but I actually like the way they look on my fingers so it might be here to stay!

  8. These are incredibly adorable!!!


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