13 August, 2014

The tale of the nubs, week 3.

The nubs. 3 weeks into having no acrylic or gel. They're doing alright.

I had a tragic accident with my ring finger, as you can see below, and it's all the freaking way down. It bled even. Same thing on my pinky on my right hand. I haven't had a break like that in so long. Waaah!

I'm still using Rejuvacote under each mani. It's definitely working better for me than Nail Envy. In fact, I have a slightly used bottle of Nail Envy for weak/peeling nails for sale if anyone wants it. :) I'm also still taking my two different kinds of "Hair, Skin, and Nails" supplements. You can actually see in the first picture that below the damaged, red part; my nails are looking really good! That gives me hope. I can't wait until they are grown to that point. I've been really bad about doing cuticle oil and Hard as Hoof cream. You can see that my cuticles and skin around the nails is looking pretty good, so I think that's thanks to the supplements.

I have still been painting my nails, at least once a week. I'll start posting nub manis as soon as I'm through the backlog from my acrylics.

Taken in indirect sunlight with my S5. Nekkid nails.

Taken in indirect sunlight with my S5. One coat of Rejuvacote, after using a cuticle remover cream and filing them.


  1. Ouchie! The new growth looks great though, stick with it! I can't wait to see some nub manis :)

  2. I really do. I'm not creepy, I promise. This is like nail reality TV for me!


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