05 August, 2014

The tale of the nubs: week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the tale of the nubs! I find the word 'nubs' hilarious. I'm not sure why. It's probably because I'm emotionally 7 on a good day. :D

It's been about a month with no acrylic, 2 weeks without the strengthening gel. My nails are doing alright. They are still pretty weak and will chip if I bang them against anything, but I can feel down closer to my nail bed, they are getting a lot thicker. I can't wait for them to grow out past the damaged nail so I can see if the "Hair, Skin, and Nails" supplements are doing anything. I am taking two different kinds, and it's definitely making my hair grow faster. (WHOA REGROWTH.)

I switched to Duri - Rejuvacote because the Nail Envy seemed to make my polish peel off like a freaking glue base coat. Literally, an entire nail of polish would peel off within hours of me doing my nails. So freaking frustrating! I'm thinking maybe my chemistry and it weren't the greatest of friends. Rejuvacote seems to be doing better so far; I'm hoping for good things.

The biggest thing I'm noticing is my poor fingertips are taking a beating. My skin is peeling like crazy. My nails have been past my fingertips for years, so I'm thinking maybe my fingertips just aren't used to always being in contact with things. I'm drowning them in lotion and cuticle oil to see if that helps.

Onto the pictures, yes?

Taken indoors with my S5. Naked nails, just after removing polish.

Taken indoors with my S5. Nails with one coat of Duri - Rejuvacote.


  1. I was going to suggest Rejuvacote! I've been using it for a month-month and a half and I swear it really works! My nails are growing like crazy and bearly chipping at all.

    Yeah, your fingertips must be in complete shock. Like wtf Kendahl, you want them to touch stuff and work? They're totally cursing you.
    It can only get better from here! Be strong!!

  2. It's definitely going better than Nail Envy so far. I got a bunch of different brands to try, so that I can see what works best for me and my crazy body chemistry. But I'm liking Rejuvacote for sure.

    Thanks, lady!

  3. They're looking pretty good Kendahl! All this work and patience will pay off :)

  4. They're looking so much healthier already!

  5. Thank you! I am hoping so. :)

  6. Right? I'm pretty stoked about the progress. They're still weak but they are looking so much better!

  7. It is ridiculous how much I look forward to your next update. Nail makeovers... my new favorite reality show..
    Seriously though, how awesome will it be to look back at all your progress with your beautiful new nails?! They are looking great. I'm growing out some damage myself so it's keeping me motivated to (ridge-filler is my new BFF).

  8. I would watch the shit out of a nail reality show! Especially if there were a bunch of gay men. hahaha

    I am pretty excited to look back in a few months and be like, they really looked like that?!

  9. Waiting for nails to regrow is the worst, and kind of hurts. They are lookin' good though.

  10. Thanks! It does kind of hurt. But one of these days they'll be really pretty and healthy.

  11. Brandalee Franklin08 August, 2014 18:58

    I'll still trade you nail beds.

  12. I can say that's one thing I got lucky with. My nail beds are pretty good, so even my nubs are not too terrible.


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