21 August, 2014

Tale of the nubs, week 4.

My poor fingernails. We're at 4 weeks now without any acrylic or gel, and while I know that patience is the key to this entire process, I'm starting to lose hope that I'll ever have fingernails again. Waah. Self pity, that's right.

Nubs are not my jam. I don't hate the way they look when they are painted, but painting them is so much harder than painting longer nails. I am serious. I paint my fingertips, a lot. Thank gods for good cleanup brushes.

Anyway. I can feel that some of them are getting stronger, so at least there's that. I am just impatient and want my nails past my fingertips without them breaking or tearing. Is that so much to ask??! Apparently it is, right now. Welp. Here they are.

Nekkid. You can see some slight staining from my previous polish, boo. Taken indoors with my S5.

Nails filed, cuticles taken care of. One coat of Rejuvacote. Taken indoors with my S5.


  1. Well the new growth looks damn healthy! That's something!
    Isn't it always the case, when you want them to grow fast, they take FOREVER.
    Stay strong! and hopefully your nails will follow suit.

  2. Yeah, it's like watching water boil. I see them all the time so they never look any different to me. One day my nails will be all growed up!

  3. Have you tried the Hair Skin and Nails from It works? I hear alot of people who I know love it. It may help? I have an account because I order the greens but havent tried that yet.

  4. I'm actually taking them right now! My hair is growing fast so it's definitely doing something. It's just hard to tell how effective they are with my nails since I have to wait for them to grow before I can tell.

  5. They're looking SO much better! They're healthy halfway down already! Soooooooooon!

  6. Being patient is so hard, but it'll all be worth it!

  7. Brandalee Franklin09 September, 2014 11:11

    They're looking good! I'm still struggling with mine too. They're getting longer BUT I can bend them so easily. Painting shorter nails is so much hard for sure! I have a small paint brush that I dip in remover after I'm finished painting and clean up the edges with it. It was the best tip I ever discovered.

  8. Brandalee Franklin09 September, 2014 11:12

    Your posts don't show up in my Bloglovin feed very often so I end up reading your blog way too late - I'm sorry

  9. Geez Bloglovin, that's rude! :P

  10. Mine are finally starting to grow past the end of my nail bed without cracking, so that's nice. Have you tried anything for your nails? I can get a pretty good deal on Nail Envy from OPI if you're ever interested.

    I use a cleanup brush most of the time. Sometimes I'm just too lazy. lol I like the ELF brushes for cleaning up, they're only $1 and you can get them nearly anywhere at this point.

  11. Well... don't buy it. And just out of sheer curiosity, are you interested in any of the new colors of my polish coming out?

  12. Brandalee Franklin12 September, 2014 11:01

    I love you...I might be sick and twisted but I really like the clown one from seeing the review. The Void is cool too (THEY ARE ALL COOL!) and it looks like there is another dark one but I might be wrong. You're so good at promoting your shop I need to take a page from your book!


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