14 August, 2014

Some Zoya and Pahlish goodness.

I wore these nails to go to the aquarium. I figured they were fitting for going to see a bunch of water creatures, yeah?

Taken with my S3 in indirect sunlight.
[aquarium nails]
Zoya - Dream x2 coats
pointer & middle
Pahlish - Ocean Gone Wrong x1 coat
Glisten & Glow - HK Girl x2 coats

Dream is so crazy sparkly. It's absolutely stunning in the sun. I would highly recommend everyone pick it up ASAP. Ocean Gone Wrong is the only Pahlish I own so far. It was sort of thick but the glitter was suspended well. It wasn't so thick that it was hard to use though. I also picked it up on a destash so it could be an old bottle or has been left open in the past. I definitely would purchase more from them as they do have some amazing blends.

What's on your nails right now?


  1. Ocean Gone Wrong is so pretty!

  2. Love it! So sparkly. Ok, must put Dream on my wishlist. Might as well add Storm too, since I'm late to that party as well.

    Right now I have white nails stamped with a tropical print using green,pink and yellow. It makes me look so much more tanned. :D

  3. It is so amazing! It's even better in direct light. It's a perfect blue.

    I love it when you put a color on and it makes you look super tan. As a ghostly white girl, it's one of my favorite things. lol

  4. Isn't it? I absolutely love it!

  5. Those definitely look like aquarium nails and they're soooo pretty! I'm pretty sure I have Dream-LOVE!

  6. Thank you! You should definitely wear Dream if you've got it. It's an amazing blue.

  7. perfect fit. Love them!

  8. Holy crap! I am in LOVE!

  9. Right?! They are both really pretty colors!


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