01 August, 2014

More valentine nails!

I hear you out there, shunning me for being so behind that I'm still posting Valentine nails. Would it help if I just call them really cute red and pink nails that have nothing to do with Valentine's day? Eh?

Okay, so here are some cute red and pink nails that have nothing to do with Valentine's day. Good? Good.

Taken with my S3 in indoor lighting

[red and pink nails]
pinky, pointer
Rainbow Honey - Hanami x2 coats
Glisten & Glow - HK Girl x2 coats

ring, middle
Gothic Gala Lacquers - Vallis Sanguine x2 coats
Esmaltes da Kelly - Fabiana x2 coats
Glisten & Glow - HK Girl x1 coat

Esmaltes da Kelly | Glisten & Glow | Gothic Gala Lacquers | Rainbow Honey

These nails were pretty simple, but I still loved them a whole lot. Sometimes it works out that way and sometimes you do something simple and it sucks big time, you know?

I love all of the Gothic Gala polishes I've tried so far. The formula is a bit thick but definitely manageable, and all of them have been nearly one-coaters. Gotta love that! Hanami is way pretty but let's not talk about how big of a nightmare it was to remove. O.o

Welp. Have a good weekend!


  1. I love this! It makes me want to do Valentine's nails!!

  2. You should do it! We'll start a new trend of red and pink nails all throughout the year!

  3. YESSS! Freaking trendsetters!


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