07 August, 2014

Hare Polish - Hooky at the Hamlet

Confession: I have a hardcore crush on teal/turquoise/aqua right now. This polish won me over from the second I saw the first swatch. I finally was able to snag it in a restock and I am so happy I did!

Taken in indirect sunlight with my S3
[chevron hooky... naughty]
Hare Polish - Hooky at the Hamlet x2 thick coats
Wet N Wild - French White Creme x2 coats, free-handed into chevron
Glisten & Glow - HK Girl x1 coat

Hare Polish | Glisten & Glow | Wet N Wild

What do you think? I am in love with the color. The formula was a bit thick for me but it was definitely manageable. Next time I use it, I'll add some thinner for sure. I find this is typically the case with me for Hare Polishes, so if you like their formula, this one is no different. It's not bad, just thicker than I can apply without turning it into a mess. I tried to use tape to do the chevrons but it was an epic fail, so I free-handed them on just using the polish brush.


  1. breedlovehoops08 August, 2014 12:02

    What a gorgeous color and equally awesome nail art to match!

  2. Yay Hare! I love the hidden blue shimmer :-D

  3. Yes, definitely! I wish it showed up more in the pictures.

  4. I think it's cute! Not sure I"d love it on me, but it's definitely cute. I know Ari had it and liked it. And hey, good job free handing that chevron!

  5. Thank you! These colors always tend to suck me right in.

  6. Please teach me how to chevron.

  7. Dude, I would teach you if I actually knew how. This was sheer luck. lol

  8. Brandalee Franklin09 September, 2014 10:58

    I like the color combo!

  9. Thank you! I really love this polish.


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