10 February, 2014

My nails for World Cancer Day (February 4th).

These were my nails for World Cancer Day. That day means a whole lot to me because so many people in my life have been affected by cancer. Cancer is the greatest asshole there is, and I wish I had the means to eradicate it. So, I painted my nails purple for WCD.


[painted purple for world cancer day]
Gothic Gala Odin x2 coats
hearts in Sephora Mirror Mirror and Gothic Gala one-off x1 coat
Glisten & Glow HK Girl x1 coat

I did my left hand first and after painting the hearts decided that more of that gorgeous purple needed to show through, so I changed it up for my right hand. The bottom picture is a bit out of focus so you can see the gorgeous rainbows show through.

I used a dotting tool for everything, even the silver outlining of the pink hearts. I wish I had used a brush to line them so it would have been thinner; my desire was to make them look like patched hearts but then the silver outline was too thick.

You like? I'm loving the soft scattered holo colors right now. Rainbows that just barely peek through make me happy.

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