14 February, 2013

You know.


 This "holiday" makes me feel bad for men everywhere. Girls are freaking psycho. I love Valentine's day for one reason - free candy. The husband and I don't do anything. I don't expect flowers or chocolates or fancy dinners. But we're doing a Valentine party at work, complete with valentines and a decorated box competition. That's the part I like - the kid part. I'll never grow up.


  1. I think that is when I really started to like Valentine's...when I could have fun with the little people again.

  2. Chooch's class didn't make decorated mailboxes! He came home with a white paper bag that had a construction paper heart taped to it with his name. And he said the teacher made them.

    What's the point?! And he was apparently the only one who filled out the "to" on all of his cards. Most of the kids didn't have Valentines, just candy. Things are so different now. :(

    1. I miss the days of ridiculous boxes and personalized valentines. I remember spending hours trying to make sure I had the perfect card picked out for each person. Now it's either over-the-top handmade boxes/valentines or nothing. A lot of the schools around here have gotten rid of the parties entirely. So sad!

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  4. My fiance and I try to do a date night of some sort every week. It's nice to take time for our relationship every week, instead of making it a big huge over the top thing for one day.

    I did buy Sweethearts for all of my coworkers :) I do like that part of Valentine's Day!


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