26 February, 2013


Today is an off day. I won't be able to get Cymbalta because it's too expensive so we are going to try something else. Cymbalta is an asshole for not letting people be happy because they can't afford it.

I can't wait for the rain to start and the snow to stop. I really love rain but really hate snow. Snow causes ice and crashes and falling and it just sucks. Rain makes puddles for me to jump in and that is great. It also makes great noise.

Utah's weather is so bipolar. Warm to rain to snow to sunshine in three hours. Chill out, weather. Just get warm and rain. That's fine with me.

I want a penguin. Just one, unless it gets lonely, and then two is fine. I'll turn my bathroom into a penguin playplace. I don't care that they stink or that they are loud or that they projectile poop. I just want one.

I'd settle for a sloth or panda bear. But it'd have to be a miniature panda because I'm not sure my house is big enough for a full-size panda bear and I don't even think those exist yet so I guess what I'm saying is, get on it, China.

Also, possibly a red panda. Or a kangaroo as long as it was a baby because big kangaroos can kick really hard.

Right now, I'd settle for a big ol' bucket of movie theater popcorn. But that's only a temporary fix, like putting chewed gum over a whole in the dam. I still want a penguin, I'd just stop talking about it for 20 minutes while I ate the popcorn.

Tuesday, right?


  1. Okay so when Paul was trying out different meds, the only one that works was $400 a month. It made me want to cry every time we paid for it. He finally weaned himself off of it, and is just on Zoloft...which is actually working well. The only problem is he doesn't sleep. :(

    Anyways...I feel your pain friend. Hoping you check your email.

    1. I was on Zoloft before, and it worked pretty well, but my sex drive was nonexistent and that sucked. I also didn't sleep well on it, 2-3 hours at a time sucks.

  2. I'm so bummed for you that Cymbalta is so expensive :( That really really sucks.

    I want a pet otter. Sea otter or river otter, either is fine. So what they're aggressive? They're stinkin' cute. ;)

    1. Dude, otters are really freaking cute. They got some river otters at our aquarium and they are the most adorable little creatures. When they hold hands while they sleep, it makes me want to cry out of cuteness.


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