20 February, 2013

Photo dump Wednesday

This is me and my BFF Arianne rocking the hottest short-sleeved fake cheetah fur vests EVER.

I made a BLANKET, bitches! For real, my first time using a sewing machine. I read the manual on how to put the thread in and I went to town on that mofo. It's fucking adorable.

Serial killer Valentines! For real. These are the COOLEST. Check out non compos cards for more ridiculously awesome things. Seriously, go. Check it out. Buy her some fruit please.

Turbo. Lately he's been doing this thing where he lays down like this and completely plays dead. He doesn't move or blink or respond to his name. You can throw things at him and he barely flinches. Sometimes it lasts a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. The first time he did it, I almost took him to the vet. I really thought he was dying.

OVER THIS. Just plain OVER it. I hate snow and cold and winter because it's depressing (literally) and I can't take it anymore. If it snows again, you might not hear from me for awhile because they don't let you blog in the psych ward.


  1. I can't decide if I like the blanket more of those Valentine's...awesome!

    1. Thanks! The valentines are pretty ridiculously cool.

  2. 1. You are so seriously so pretty and youthful! Totally could pass for a high school girl in that picture.

    2. I am in awe of your blanketing wizardry! Was distracted after I read your email, but yes I would like the same fabric if possible!

    3. Thank you for the shout out and plea for fruit cause!

    4. Turbo is so freaking handsome, I can't stand it. I can only imagine the panic his douchey game caused you!

    5. Snow can suck it!! We have been getting so much off and on -- huge dumps of snow, then it melts. Then more. Rinse, repeat. But the freezing cold temps is what is really getting to me. I had to take the trolley to work today and it was stupid cold out there. :( At least we're almost out of February!!

    1. Numbered reply ftw! I love this.

      1. You are too sweet. For real. But I appreciate you saying that. I have good genes when it comes to aging.

      2. I will check into the fabric and junk and let you know how much it is before I do anything.

      3. You are welcome. You deserve it.

      4. It did give me a slight panic attack. I practically got out a mirror to put under his nose to make sure he was still breathing. Now I just laugh and throw his toys at him until he comes back to life.

      5. This winter can blow me.

  3. Everything in your post is awesome (well except too much snow. but the stars on the window are too cute). I love love love your blanket!!


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