06 February, 2013

Photo dump Wednesday

This is my face, if you didn't know. I make this face when you ask me to smile for a picture. Or when you say something mildly inappropriate. Or when you ask if I want to try your clam dip. (No euphemism there, kids.)
Melting snow + temperatures above freezing = a semi-happy Kendahl.
When I came to work, the temperature was right around 20ºF, and our humidity was super high. EVERYTHING looked like it was covered in this soft white fuzz. It was kind of awesome, and also kind of cold.
You better believe it.


  1. Is that your view at work!? God, it's so beautiful.

    1. It's even prettier with out all of that damn white shit covering everything.

    2. What Brandy said. And yah, that's the view from our break room. That's the busy side - the other side of the building is all golf courses and hills and fields and junk.

  2. You are so funny. Love the first pic. And LOVE your glittery pink tips on your nails!


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