30 January, 2013

Photo dump Wednesday

This has been my commute for the last couple of days. Today, it took me an hour and 20 minutes to make my 26 mile trek to work. It's freaking ridiculous. I'm so incredibly over winter.
This kitty. When he's being sweet, he's SO DAMN SWEET. He hides his evil well, and I fall for it every time.

Sometimes, you just need a cupcake with Nutella on it.
I haven't taken many pictures this week. Overall, my mood is off. This snow, this cold, this horrible winter... it's starting to suck my soul like a dementor, except that no matter how much chocolate I eat (and trust me, that's a lot lately), I don't feel any better. I might die before I get out to California (less than two months!), and that would be tragic. I think I need a mini vacation to somewhere the temperatures stay over freezing for more than three hours. It's seriously life or death.


  1. "it's starting to suck my soul like a dementor"

    That's such a good way to describe it! I've been trying to stave off a full-blown depression bout as well. I just hate winter so much. :(

    That cupcake looks so freaking good to me right now OMG.

  2. I'm sorry you've been down :( Winter is an especially hard time of year.


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