23 January, 2013

Photo dump Wednesday.

Hey! Another medical ID bracelet! Just getting tested for the flu, which was negative. Just another way 2013 is trying to kill me. Looking forward to a great February! *sarcasm*
This is one of my favorite things about working from home - this little evil creature turns into my snuggle buddy. I love every second of his warm purry self on my lap.
OMG you guys. "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson. I read it last weekend and was seriously dying of laughter! If you like TheBloggess.com, you'll really love this book. I died twice.
Selfie, from the devil cat. He likes to rub his face on my phone and apparently, it responds well to his touch.


  1. Sorry your not feeling well. We started on the Greens (IT WORKS product I talked about on my blog) Hoping we are over all being sick and on track for a healthier year!

    Hope you get better soon!!!

  2. Girlfriend, you gotta stay outta the hospital! I'm sorry to hear you're sick again :( The ick is definitely going around. My kid has it but I'm trying to stay healthy.


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