16 January, 2013

Photo dump Wednesday.

I love this kid. We can be goofy together in our Kanye glasses and a t-rex chomper named Dine O. Saur.
I done chopped all my hairs off. I kind of love it and I kind of miss my long blonde hair. But mostly I love it.
Mason jar salads. About two hours of washing, chopping, peeling, and packing it into jars for two weeks of meatless, healthy lunches. Awesome sauce. I will make a tutorial if you guys are interested.
Punk and her cheer squad took FIRST PLACE at their first competition! I am so proud of her for the hard work she's put into cheer. And, they really did rock it. Plus, look how cute her and her cheer bestie are.
That salsa. I just made a second batch last night because the Husband was begging for it. So freaking good.


  1. the short hair is awesome! and I will have to get going on trying this salsa

  2. Those salads look delicious. And that picture of you and Punk is so cute!

  3. the salsa, gosh...why do you tempt me. last time I had to run and buy some because I craved salsa so bad.

  4. I would love more info on your salad/mason jar process?!?!?! They look delicious and being able to prep for two weeks, yaaaaay!!!!

  5. I am very interested in those mason jars - they look delicious!

  6. Love the salad idea.. the salad doesn't wilt (sp?)at all? I should so make some! What kind of sauces did you use? Very cool for sure!

    Punk looks super cute!!! Congrats to her for sure!

    MMMmmmm..that salsa looks delish.


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