09 January, 2013

Photo dump Wednesday (aka phoning it in)

The remodeling of the living room starts. Tearing down wallpaper is awfully stress relieving.
A freaking fantastic waffle from the Waffle Love food truck. Food trucks are finally hitting Utah and I couldn't be happier. This was ridiculously good!

We went for almost two weeks without hitting double digits, and it was below zero every morning when I came to work. I rejoiced today when the forecast said 33ºF.
The only cool thing about it being so cold is that when it snows, the snowflakes hold their shape for a really long time. These were on my windshield when I got to work. I used the macro focus on my phone to take the picture, and I'm awfully proud of how in-focus the flakes are.


  1. I am still in love with that snowflake picture!! It doesn't even look real, so awesome.

  2. love the snowflakes.. they always amaze me. One reason I love winter..just not the freezing temps and slick roads!

    oh my, those waffles look delish.. hmmm dinner, maybe I will make some. (surely not as good as those though!)

    Excited for your remodel pics. Hope it come down easy, I hate removing wallpaper! Seems whenever I have its glued on so bad I spend so many hours scraping and steaming its almost not worth it. Good luck!

  3. That snowflake picture! God, it's so good. Frame-worthy!


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