15 January, 2013

It's too cold for anything right now.

So, record-breaking low temperatures are everywhere. But I want to complain about how it's worse for me than you right now, okay?

It's been single-digit temperatures for nearly three weeks, with the exception of two or three days where it made it up to a whopping 28ºF. My body is revolting against the cold by getting a cold. What the fuck is that? Seriously, body; how does that make ANY SENSE? Next time, maybe you could combat the cold with cupcakes. I don't know how that will work, but it sounds better to me.

Springville city sucks a fat one at plowing the roads, so after the 8 inches in one night and then the upper-20's the next day and then back to the negative temps, the entire city is just one big ice field. It's kind of awesome when you know how to drive in it. Kind of not awesome when no one else does.

I'm pretending I am not getting sick. It's not going well so far, but I'm trying. I don't have a fever. My nose is not running. And I absolutely do not have a cough. That's just a tickle from the popcorn I ate last week. Or my tonsils healing. Right? Right. Also, my voice? I picked up smoking. Back off my shit.

Punk had her first cheer competition on Saturday and they took first place! Out of 12 teams! That's freaking awesome. They did such a good job. And BioMom and I spent nearly all day Saturday together. We didn't argue or have issues, and she actually hugged me when I was having a panic attack because my niece was called in as a runaway (she's fine now, until I get to her). I can't say it didn't have its awkward moments, but overall it was not bad. It gives me hope for California.

I hope for everyone's sake, the "warmth" comes back. I never thought I'd say it, but I would give my left nut to see 40ºF again. Wait, what? You heard me. Left nut. Don't ask questions.


  1. I hate the cold too :( I'm SO ready for sunshine and shorts and flip flops...

    I'm glad Punk's cheer competition went well, and that you and BioMom actually had a not-unpleasant time :) That's a really big step.

  2. Congrats to Punk on her competition - that is awesome. And congrats to a whole day of no drama with BioMom. Who the hell ran away? Nevertheless, I'm glad they are back home. I hope you smacked some sense into them.

    P.S. It's 10 degrees right now as I type this.

  3. Agree, warm weather PLEASE!

    Awesome to hear all went good on your trip and she obviously did a fabulous job. Your the best mom ever to could go support her through it all!

    You sound like me. Every time I start getting sick, I would rather pretend its all not happening and hope the pretending turns into real life. I am a mom ..and moms should never get sick!(well and everyone else too) No down time for me, no days off to take care of myself or lay in bed, I just get the joy of being sick longer because I can't stop to rest. sigh. Its worth it in the end. Right?

    Hope you feel better soon. Its so hard not to catch all this junk going around. :(


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