31 January, 2013

It's Thursday and the sun is shining! Hallelujah!

I've been keeping notes in my phone of random things - things I'm lucky to have, things that make me laugh, things I overhear that are just plain hysterical... it's kind of awesome. On super rough days, I read through my notes and it helps a little bit.

I decided that the radio should have a maximum number of times per day they can play a song. When I get up at 5 and get to work at 7 and hear the same song three times, it's overkill. I loved that new Bone Thugs song and now I want to rip its throat out.

I made jar salads yesterday and sort of took pictures so I can post a tutorial. I'll try to get that up this weekend for all of you that are interested in seeing my process. Maybe. It's going to be a busy weekend so please don't send anthrax if it doesn't happen.

The last few days have been really ugly weather-wise, and before that we were in a month-long inversion, and I cannot tell you how insanely happy it is making me to see blue skies out the window. They say the inversion is coming back since the snow stopped, so I'm trying to get the most out of the sun today as I can. It's cold, but it's beautiful.

I found out that no matter how funny a person is, I have a really hard time reading books that are based on real life. I much prefer fiction that has a ton of action and suspense. When it comes to funny people, I am better at receiving them in quick doses (like, a blog).

Peppercorn Ranch has changed my world of salad dressings. It's so delicious.

I am going to start working out next week. I am sort of excited and sort of not. I feel like I need an accountability partner or something; someone to give me crap if I say I'm going to work out and then I don't. Let me know if you want to be that person. :)

This was supposed to be a really good year because it's the best number, but you guys, it's tried to kill me multiple times. Not such a great start. Here's to a much better February!

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  1. I'm am right there with you on the sunshine! It's been so nice seeing it and the blue skies. I keep random notes in my phone too. And I have a ton of scribbled notes in my wallet and purse. I totally need to see these salad jars. I started working out....don't faint! I'm slowly getting into it but we'll see how it goes. I will forever hate it. You've already almost died 3 times this year? WTF?


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