04 January, 2013

Because it's Friday. And I have cash burning a hole through my pocket.

I got some money for Christmas, and every single piece of my being wants to spend it so hard, it's nearly killed me twice already. I'm not on Etsy anymore, but I still do a bit of shopping there. Here are some super fantastic things I found today...

penguin iPad case from BoutiqueID (but I'd want it for my Nook)
felt flower headband from No Plain T's
robot pocket notebook from The Tiny Fig
grab bag of elastic hair ties from Studio Asparagus
set of 6 chevron hair clips, also from Studio Asparagus
rad plaid fabric earrings by made by jewls

**I wasn't paid anything or given anything to post these. I just really like them and thought I'd share some cute products/Etsy shops while I was moseying around the internet.


  1. Those cute felt things, and the robot notebook are adorable! I could just peruse etsy for hours... and be super broke ;)

  2. I LOVE that headband. You have good taste woman!

  3. love your Etsy finds.. I can spend forever web-window shopping there! If only I had endless cash to go with it :)


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