02 January, 2013

2012 in review.

As a whole, 2012 was just too shitty for my taste. Yes, good things happened. But when I think about it in its entirety, I'm relieved it is over and seriously looking forward to a new year. Plus, it's 2013, which is awesome! I love 13. Here's hoping it's a great year.

  • Started the year off in the second worst depressive period I've had since high school. I was sooooo incredibly low, it hurt. Got on a trial medication and it's really helping and I'm sad I have to stop taking it ever. This is probably why the year was so shitty, though. It's been a battle.
  • Started a new job selling renter's insurance and LOVE it. Probably my highlight of the year. 
  • Ran a 5k. 32 minutes, yo! Proud of myself for this one.
  • December was the month for medical issues. Got a kidney infection, had my tonsils out, and ended the year with a bang by ripping open the tonsil wound and losing over a pint of blood in the ER waiting room.
  • Wrecked his BMX bike and lacerated a kidney. Spent the night in the hospital peeing blood. 17 days before our health insurance kicked in.
  • Sliced his thumb almost to the bone. Ended up with 18 stitches holding it back together. One seriously wicked scar to show for it.
  • Finally finished the dragster and got it to the track. Now addicted to it.
  • Bought a Jeep and started rock crawling, thanks to my incessant pestering for the last 7 years. Loving that.
  • Spent more money than I care to count up buying a new motor for the dragster and a bad ass tranny for the Jeep so we can go hard. It's how we do.
  • Threatened to quit his job no fewer than 38 times.
  • In sixth freaking grade now. SCARY. Next year is junior high. EVEN MORE SCARY.
  • Got a big girl four wheeler and is such a good rider. Also scary.
  • Tried out for and got on a competition cheer team. This takes up every extra second of her time, but she's rocking it.
  • Conquered a double back handspring all by herself!
  • Excelling in school, especially math - she's even in the accelerated math class.
I feel like our year was so boring when I write it out but it really wasn't. This was probably the busiest year of my life so far, between everything we have going on. I lived through it and am looking forward to a GREAT 2013. (It's all in the mindset, right?)


  1. I'm sorry to hear that 2012 was a bad year for you :( It had some definite high points for me and a lot of low points too. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us that 2013 is a better year!

  2. Can we both just hope that 2013 is more awesome!?

  3. Agree.. ready for a better year in 2013. (Not sad one bit to see 2012 behind us!)
    Sorry to hear about your tonsil surgery issues. :( Glad you are doing okay.
    I didn't know you sold renter's insurance..hmmm we need to talk :)

    Hope you are having a great start to the New Year!


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