26 August, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

I'm officially a year older. But I don't act like it, so what does it really matter, right? We're going to hit up the Alpine Slide today, as long as the weather holds. Have a lovely Sunday!

23 August, 2012

August's only Holiday is coming up on Sunday...

And by that, I of course mean my birthday. I'll be 28, like it matters at this point. I still act like I'm 19 so we'll go with that.

There is not much going on this weekend so if you get bored, send me a birthday present. Mmkay? Just kidding.

Sort of. I love surprises.

I made caramel popcorn last night from a recipe I found on Pinterest and not only was it incredibly easy but it is also unrealistically good. I doubled the recipe and brought a ton to work and it's all gone. I'll post about it soon, so you can all drool.

We're going to Park City on Sunday to hit up the Alpine Slide and Coaster and it will be awesome. We went for my birthday four years ago but Punk was too small to do it all by herself so I'm sure she will have more fun this time.

I can finally see the mountains again, which is great! It's been like three weeks since they were clearly visible out my window and my itchy eyes are rejoicing. Hopefully the air will clear up because I can't stand the allergies any more.

I just want it to be Friday so I can go get my kid and have a good weekend. I hope you all enjoy this pre-Friday afternoon!

22 August, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - muh griiilllllll

My teeth are big fat wussies. You know what I'm getting for my birthday? A root canal. Yay! My third. Like I said, wussy teeth. But my dentist tells me I must have an incredibly high pain threshold, because my nerve was exposed all the way around and I wasn't dying of pain.

P.S. if you follow me on Instagram, sorry for the repeats.

21 August, 2012

Listen. You hear that? It's the sound of back-to-school.

As much as I've pretended it's not happening, it's time for the littles to go back to school. With that comes stress and fees and new clothes and all sorts of other chaos. Need help staying organized? I've got your back. Here are some tips from Megan Brown, co-founder of HatchedIT.com.

As another summer draws to a close and we begin to prepare our kids for the start of a new school year there are several tips we can follow to help stay energized, organized and on track.

1. Turn off the TV
Television time is okay but it should be designated. It is too easy to get sucked in and waste hours in front of the tube. Create a schedule with your kids on when they can watch TV and how much they can watch at a given time.

2. Schedules 
With sports, after-school activities, homework, play dates and more, scheduling can be one of the more stressful tasks during the school year. It is important to be on top of your scheduling by using calendars, online organizers, and reminders to help you keep track of your busy day.
3. Storage
Buy boxes and baskets to help store things around the house, like toys and gadgets. Compartmentalizing is great for organization and decluttering! Boxes and baskets are also the perfect way to help each child know where to put items specific to them like homework assignments, permission slips and after-school activity information. Kids are used to putting things into labeled bins at school; why not let them help you keep organized at home too!

4. Cleaning 
"A place for everything and everything in its place" is a great motto to live by. Don't let the cleaning work pile up; try and disperse chores through the week so that you aren’t overwhelmed.  

5. Preparation 
Start preparing anything and everything that you can ahead of time. Some examples? Prep your outfit for work before you go to bed, prep dinner meals on the weekend, pack the kids’ lunches the night before and keep them in the fridge... This way everything is ready when you need it to be and you can start the day feeling prepared rather than discombobulated or rushed.
6. To-Do Lists
To gain perspective on what needs to be done now and what can be held off, lists are always a great tool. However, sticky notes scattered across the walls of your home are not the best method for list making. Make one list at the start of your day and use it as you get things done throughout the day.

7. Sleep
You may not realize it, but getting adequate rest and having a regular sleep schedule will help you to be more organized throughout your day. Both kids and parents should have a bedtime.  
8. Communication 
Coordinating is never going to work without communication. Talking it out is also important in any busy family.
9. Stop Buying Things 
Seriously! Consider what you actually need versus what you want. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also have less to clean up.
10. Reward Yourselves
Give credit where credit is due! If the kids are doing their chores and helping, don't forget to reinforce their good behavior with compliments and rewards like going out for ice cream or renting a movie. And if the parents have had a great week, treat yourselves to a night out.

The most helpful hint of all - don’t overstress the start of the school year. If the family supports and loves one another then being organized will happen naturally, especially if you remember to follow the tips!

About Megan Brown:

Megan Brown is the co-founder of HatchedIT.com, the online organization and collaboration tool for families. She has over a decade's worth of Wall Street experience spanning both sales trading and Asset Management Sales & Marketing.

16 August, 2012

Get up and move it, move it.

The summer is winding down and back-to-school is in the air. Can you believe it's already time for school again? City festivals are done and ridiculously enough, there are already trees starting to turn colors. (For real?! I mean, seriously?! I'm not ready!)

What: Utah County Fair
When: August 15-18; 8am-10pm
Where: Spanish Fork Fairgrounds - 475 South Main Street, Spanish Fork
Why: a demolition derby, mullets, corn dogs, carnies, cotton candy, a rodeo... this fair has got it all.
How much: prices vary

...Aaaannnnddd, that's about it. So after you hit up the fair, go hiking, or biking, or take a drive up the canyon and go to Granny's for shakes, or go swimming, or raft the Provo River... Get out and do something while the weather is still good. Enjoy your weekend! I know I will.

15 August, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - it's not even my birthday, but I wanna lick the icing off.

5 bonus points if you can name the song. We don't do much for my birthday but I tend to talk about it all month. It is, after all, the only Holiday in August.

14 August, 2012

You ever have those days where you just want to strangle someone?

It can't be just me. I swear, the universe is set out to piss me off to the full extent of my mental anger limits today.

Although, I got my nails done yesterday and they're my birthday nails and they have cupcakes on them. So how mad can I really be? Every time I look down at my fingers, I smile. Then I look up at people and get homicidal again.

It's seriously about 64 degrees in my office, and for me, that's too damn cold. I am wearing a jacket, pants, socks and shoes, and my fingers are still totally frozen. It's bad when you have to go wash your hands in warm water just to get the feeling back, you know?

There's this fruit that is a hybrid of honeydew and cantaloupe and it's delicious. If you haven't tried it, you should. Also, the broccoli/cauliflower hybrid is also very tasty. Hybrid foods are cool.

I got this cool steam mop thing from Hoover and it's the best household item I've obtained since my Dyson. It cleans my laminate-wood floors so well! And it's easy to use. Easy + clean = two of my favorite things.

You ever have days where all you want to do is play Nintendo? This is three in a row.

I've been craving the best not-so-good-for-you foods lately - Pixie Stix, SpaghettiOs, chili cheese fries, peanut butter Snickers, ice cream in any flavor except chocolate, Zero bars... I'm a danger to myself.

It's only Tuesday and although yesterday feels like it went quickly, today feels like it should absolutely be Thursday.

I found the cutest little flowers at Hobby Lobby and I plan to make them into even cuter hair clips but I have to find the motivation to use the hot glue gun and it's just plain not there. Anyone want to have a craft night? I could use other people's motivation.

I can't wait to see The Hunger Games (the movie) because I finished reading the books and now I'm excited to see how it's portrayed but everyone tells me I'm going to be disappointed. I hope not. Speaking of books, anyone have any good recommendations? I'm out of books to read but still full of lunch breaks for which to read books on.

13 August, 2012

The Lorax, or that one movie with the incredible trees.

Do me a favor. If you haven't seen The Lorax, go buy it and watch it. It's freaking cute! And the Truffula trees are so incredible; I want to reach into the screen and pet them like kitties. The people behind bringing Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" to life onscreen did an amazing job of it. And even if you already saw it in theaters, it's worth buying just for the new mini movies.

In case you're super behind, The Lorax is a movie based on the Dr. Seuss book of the same name. It's about a world, Thneedville, where they've gotten rid of all living things and created this world where everything is plastic and they have to pay for clean air. Ted (the main character) is in love with Audrey, who is enthralled with the idea of having a real tree. So, Ted goes on a hunt to find her one and win her heart. Cue adorable story-telling and singing fish and a fat little bear I want to take home, and you've got one seriously fun movie.

Plus, there are a ton of extras if you buy it. Have you seen The Lorax? What do you think?

***I was sent a review copy of The Lorax in exchange for my posting about it. I was not required to post positively, I just liked the movie for real. Honest opinions only 'round these parts.***

09 August, 2012

Utah Valley happenings this weekend.

I can't believe it's already Thursday. Life has been SO FREAKING BUSY. I seriously just got the clean clothes from Moab put away yesterday. Life is out of control currently.

If I can find some spare time this weekend, here's what I'll be choosing from to do...

What: Late Night With Rex
When: Friday, August 10th; 6pm-11pm
Where: Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Ancient Life - 3003 North Thanksgiving Point Way, Lehi
Why: You get to go through a guided tour of the museum, do a scavenger hunt, see a 3D Mammoth Screen Movie with drinks and popcorn, and do fun paleontology classes! (side note: you can drop your kids off without an adult, but only if they are 8 or older.)
How much: $30 per person, $20 per adult

What: Krishna's Birthday Celebration
When: Friday, August 10th; 7pm-midnight
Where: Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple - 311 West 8500 South, Spanish Fork
Why: dancing, concerts, hot food, exhibits and gifts. They had me at 'food'.
How much: free!

What: Great Salt Lake Truck Show
When: Friday, August 10th; 10am-10pm & Saturday, August 11th; 10am-6pm
Where: Thanksgiving Point - 3003 North Thanksgiving Point Way, Lehi
Why: over 90 big rigs plus over 40 antique cars to check out, plus a tractor-trailer pull, exhibitor booths, a car show, food... but best of all? It supports the annual Truck Show Family Kidney Kamp for dialysis and transplant patients and their families.
How much: $5; kids 12 and under are free

What: Alpine City Days
When: now through August 11th; times vary
Where: Legacy Park - 20 North Main Street, Alpine
Why: another city celebration. You guys know I love these! Fireworks, food, entertainment, games, rides... it's just amazing.
How much: prices vary

What: Lindon City Days
When: now through August 11th; times vary
Where: Lindon City Park - 200 North State Street, Lindon
Why: in case you're in the South end of the valley and don't want to drive all the way to Alpine, hit up Lindon!
How much: prices vary

08 August, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - I had no idea they had moved into agriculture.

...but shouldn't it be blue rather than pink? Or is the extra 'p' indicative of a new all-girl gang whose color is pink?

07 August, 2012

resource® natural spring water - my review

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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, resource natural spring water.

resource® natural spring water is a 100% natural spring water with natural electrolytes for taste. It's packaged in a bottle made of 50% recycled plastic (not icluding the cap and label). So, it's good for you AND helps you keep nature in mind, too; aka - awesome. It's more than just hydration, it's Total Electrolytenment™ (how's that for a catch phrase? I dig it!). Electrolytenment™ is about living a more enlightened and holistic life.

I don't like water. I drink it because it's good for me, but I don't like it. To be completely honest, I was worried that since they added electrolytes, this would taste funny. The verdict? Not at all! I didn't detect any metallic taste, dirty taste, or funky aftertaste. This water is pretty dang good (you know, for water), and the added electrolytes help you keep your body going without adding a ton of sugar like some of those other drinks.

I would absolutely recommend this water. As soon as I find a store around me that carries it, we'll be keeping it in the house all the time.

You can follow them on Facebook if you wanna.

***I received samples of the resource® natural spring water for my review. I am posting of my own freewill and everything here is my honest opinion.***

06 August, 2012

Have you seen The Lorax?

I have not. But I will, very soon. Watch for a review. :)

We're inching closer to the end of the summer. Are your kids bored yet? Here's a fun The Lorax activity sheet to keep them entertained!