05 December, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: photo dump.

possibly my last Donettes ever. Boo Hostess! I'll miss these the most.

I love the Holidays because it means getting snail mail from all of my cute friends that have it together enough to send out mail. Not me, my darlings.

White hot chocolate with the cutest wrapper ever. EVER.

Getting my craft on. I'll take a picture of the finished project, when I install it. It's adorable.

I'm not sure what happened but Turbo now has laser eyes. Probably some radioactive spider or something.


  1. Forgot the Donettes are going to be gone too :( sad. Don't eat them every often but remind me of my dad when we go hunting, stopping at the gas stations 5-6am and getting them. I will miss those..bummer.

    Love snail mail too. And love to send it..been horrible at it lately. Christmas cards I start early so I can get it out of the way before the craziness of the season and it my priority snail mail fun LOL if that makes any sense. Fun surprise to see it, your so sweet. Man, I hate we live so far away. If Brandon and I had it our way we would move back to Utah County tomorrow! Seriously.. Wishing we never moved and didn't all happen so fast and crazy :(

    mmmmm..White hot chocolate sounds sooo good! Agree it is a super cute wrapper.

    Love the craft project in progress.. can't wait to see it :)

    Nice eyes Turbo!

  2. Is that a carbon fiber stack, or hood scoop of sorts?

    1. It's a carbon fiber scoop for our dragster.


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