02 December, 2012

Things I learned on Pinterest: Kit Kat cake

When I asked Punk what she wanted for her birthday cake, she said, "one of my friends at her birthday had this cake with Kit Kats around the outside and M&Ms on top; that's what I want." And thanks to Pinterest, I knew exactly what she was talking about.

I have no idea where the original cake came from, and I didn't actually pin it to any of my boards because, well, it's pretty self-explanatory. If you know the original source of this cake, feel free to leave it in the comments.

I went as easy as possible on this cake and it turned out exactly how she wanted it. I used a Funfetti box mix, pre-made Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting, and candy. The cake was good, but it was SWEEEEEET. Seriously, you might need an insulin injection if you eat more than one thin slice.

The Kit Kat Cake

Two fully baked 9" round cakes
One container of pre-made frosting
A bunch of packages of the smaller Kit Kats (I think I used ~36)
A bag of M&Ms

Take your cake layers and cement them together with frosting, then frost as you would a usual cake around the outside. Break all of your Kit Kats apart and tile them around the outside of the cake. After you've got a nice Kit-Kat-surrounded cake, fill the top with M&Ms. BAM, all done.

A lot of these cakes that I've seen have a ribbon wrapped around the outside to hold it all together. Mine stayed together perfectly fine without it, even after sitting for probably two hours before it was cut and eaten.

I've also seen the regular Kit Kats and mini M&Ms used, but I felt the shorter Kit Kats were perfect for my cakes - it left just enough room at the top for a layer of M&Ms and that's it. The Kit Kats I'm talking about are the ones given out at Halloween, or you can find them in the packs of 8 or 10 two-stick smaller packages. (Like that makes any sense.) I also just didn't want to use mini M&Ms. Personal preference, people.


  1. So cute! You did a great job making a cake for Punk :) That's sweet of you. Happy Birthday, Punk!

  2. Happy birthday, Punk!

    You are awesome for making that cake for her! It looks disgustingly delicious!


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