26 December, 2012

Photo dump Wednesday. Let's call it what it is.

Turbo has great taste in movies. Nightmare Before Christmas and Finding Nemo here. He must get that from me.

The husband and Punk actually unloading the dishwasher! Holy shit. It takes me getting surgery for them to do it, but it can happen.

This was my Christmas present to myself. I got it before surgery so I'd have something to do while laying around being in pain.

The devil kitty, just cuddling with some Boston Baked Beans. He's a weirdo.

my Christmas jammies! Shark foots for the win.

Surgery. Meh. Still healing. Still hurting. But, actually breathing! So there is some good.

I sent this out via text for our Christmas card. It's adorable and if you disagree, I might have to punch you.


  1. LOVE your glittery nails :) Hope your Christmas wasn't too bad... and hope you get better soon!

  2. Turbo is so freaking handsome, I can barely stand it! Glad to see you're back to blogging, I missed you!

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  4. Fun pictures! Hope you are doing well, and glad you got a little help while down too ;) Thats what it takes around here too!


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