04 December, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner. Literally. Take a look. See it there? Yah, that's Christmas.

This year is more typical of most years for me in the Holiday season; I hear Christmas music and I punch things, I hear carolers and I gag, I see snow and I weep. I do, however, have my Christmas tree up. Sort of. It needs a little help, and more lights, but I'll get a picture up after it's displayed in all its glory.

The husband is going out of town for work training next Monday through Friday, and it'll be the longest time we've ever spent apart since we started living together almost 7 years ago. (This is my sad face.) I am looking forward to my house staying clean for that long, though. And eating Thai food EVERY DAMN NIGHT!

I am thinking of it as training for when I go to California with Punk and BioMom in March for six days for cheer nationals. Just the three of us. Driving down together. And splitting a room. We've come a long way, eh? Hopefully it's not too weird. But it's California, my home away from home, and we're going to California Adventure and how fun will that be?! I get to go to CarsLand!!! ...sorta excited, sorry.

My surgery is on the 19th. Two weeks from tomorrow. Half of me is excited and the other half of me just wants to cancel it entirely. I can't wait to hopefully be able to breathe and get oxygen while I'm sleeping, and maybe it'll help the headaches stop and possibly I won't want to kill people anymore. Doubtful on that last part, but you never know.

My Christmas shopping is almost done. I'm planning on finishing up the last little bit next week while the husband is gone, because it's all the time I've got left. How are you doing on your shopping? Are you one of those people that finishes in October? Or are you like me and (usually) leave it until the 23rd?

This year is awesome because my wish list and Punk's are starting to coincide, so I buy presents for her that I'll get to enjoy, too. Rock on, universe. This parenting thing is starting to get fun. Remind me I said that in two years when she's slamming her bedroom door and telling us she hates us.

Have a lovely Tuesday, my wonderful readers. And enjoy yourself some donuts today, because I am, and it's making me incredibly happy.


  1. Wow, I'm really impressed that you and Punk and BioMom can drive down together and split a room for six days. I'm just in awe. That's really cool, and I'm glad that it's even a possibility for you :)

    I am really bad at getting my Christmas shopping done ahead of time.

    1. Yeah... we will see how it goes. :) I am not anticipating any issues but I guarantee it will have awkward moments.

  2. Christmas is coming. Awesome! Just few days left. I'll buy my friends and family great Christmas gifts. My company is decorated completely.
    Merry X-mas!

  3. Waiting for Christmas and great coupons on gifts for my friends and family.

  4. Favorite season as all for me. I love the family aspect of it all. Getting together with family, the sounds and smells, the delicious food and traditions. Sure alot has changed since the growing up days and we don't do a lot like we use too. Miss my moms cooking through the holidays (we don't make it down to visit much)and Christmas Eve with family and visiting both sets of grandparents Christmas morning. I do love we can start and make our own traditions with our kids though. Just wish we had them all together some year.

    Sounds like an adventure to California for sure. Its awesome, I don't EVER see something like that happening with any of our ex's. We survived 2 baptisms the last year with the ex's thats huge for us. LOL

    Shopping usually done by August-September with a few last minute gifts and stocking stuffers left to get..this year just started and just finished :)

    I agree its fun when the kids like the fun stuff we do and get out of most of the toy stage LOL we are just getting back into it all again..but hes so worth it. I was a little overly excited to get all the big bulky toys gone and have more room. Oh well


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