28 November, 2012

There's magic in the air!

And that, my friends, is a magic called ANESTHESIA.

Coming up in a few short weeks, I'll be undergoing some lovely surgical procedures. Specifically, a tonsillectomy, septoplasty, and just for good measure, they are also going to scrape the walls of my nasal cavities down.

Are you jealous yet?

I'm telling you this so that in case you find yourself with an abundance of popsicles and dairy-free frozen treats (like maybe some lime sherbet?) in the coming weeks, bring it my way. Everyone keeps telling me this surgery is a bitch, and I believe them.

I've started preparing by procuring The Walking Dead and New Girl, and finishing up my other series I was behind on. Related side note: any good book recommendations?

I started a notepad on my phone because I come up with so many brilliant ideas I need to blog about but I'm never in a spot I can blog and then when I sit to blog, guess what? Poof! They are gone. I know that's not just me. Right?

This morning I caught a very short whiff of popcorn and instantly, my life was not complete without popcorn. It was the most intense craving ever ever ever.

I made dinner last night for the first time in weeks, other than our chosen-family Thanksgiving. I'm pretty proud of myself. Yes, dinner every three weeks is something to be proud of.

I'm jealous of Bernadette's hair (you know, from Big Bang Theory?). Her hair is a gorgeous color and it's always so adorable. I am in love with her in pigtails. I am also sort of in love with Amy Farrah Fowler.

I am super excited that today is Wednesday because I thought it was Tuesday.


  1. Oh friend, good luck with your surgery. That does not sound like fun. Oh, and we're totally on the same page with forgetting things (ideas, names, places) as soon as I try to recall them. Lovely. And, love Big Bang Theory!! Be sure to slurp on a couple lemon pops for me. :(

  2. Have you read any of Jennifer Lancaster's books? Very very funny :)

  3. No fun..what date is your surgery. I know its harder as you get older. Glad I had mine out at 15. Maybe I need to make a trip that way to come visit ;)

    Dinner every three weeks...wow how fabulous would that be? I HATE cooking and I would be in heaven if I only had to cook that often!

    Hope the rest of your week was great!

  4. Oh man, Kendahl -- that sounds painful! If I lived there, I would make you fancy popsicles! We have one of those Zoku things.


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