14 September, 2012

This is why I blog.

It's not to get free stuff, contrary to what most people think about bloggers. It's not to make money (which I don't) or to get famous (HA!).

It's because of the people I get to meet through blogging.

Growing up in Utah, stuck somewhere between Mormon and not, I've rarely found people who I felt like I really fit in with. Since elementary school, I have bounced from one group of friends to the next, trying to find a place for myself. So, I start blogging and all of a sudden I am meeting people who I can really relate to, who I can see a little of myself in, who I can be myself with.

Thanks to this little place where I can flaunt my crazy and be myself because who really cares?, I've stumbled into a little group of people who I love. And without this blog, I wouldn't know them or have the honor to call them my friends.

So, thanks JaKell, Brandy (who is actually my cousin but we're so much closer now thanks to the blogs), Evonne, Erin, Kristen, and all of the other people who have really made me feel accepted. I really, seriously, truly appreciate all of you.


  1. I love ya girl!! You know I feel same way.

  2. That's definitely why I love blogging. "There are people like me out there!!!"

  3. I love this post. <3 And I know what you mean -- most of the friends I had growing up always thought I was so stupid (action-wise & interest-wise, not so much educationally), so I always felt alone in what I liked. It's nice to post about something like Warped Tour and have you not only read it, but "get" it too!

    The only bad part is meeting people who live so far away. (Hello, Utah!!) :(

  4. <3 You have no idea how you just said what I feel and live through too. You are awesome. I am blessed too have you as my friend.

    HUGS - Hope you are feeling well.


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