27 September, 2012

It's pre-Friday. Rock on.

This week has me sliding down into a not-super-bad-but-still-there depressive period. I read somewhere online that March and September are the peak periods for depression to hit; it has something to do with the drastic, rapid change in daylight hours. I'm not sure if that's true or not but I know for sure that September/October is always the worst for my depression and then I stay pretty low through the entire winter. (That could just be based on my deep hatred for cold, though.)

I'm trying to fight my way through it and I'm still on that really great trial medication so I will survive and come through the other side. Right? Right.

Grey's Anatomy is back tonight. That's something to be happy about, I guess. Even though they killed Lexie and I'm still REALLY, REALLY MAD ABOUT IT.

I think I am going to cut my hair. The last, like, three inches of my hair is thrashed and needs to be cut off. So I figured, if I'm gonna cut that much off, I might as well make a go of it and do something a little drastic. But I need your votes... let me know which of these you like best.

I like to curl my hair so it needs to be long enough to curl. I also really love asymmetrical cuts, but I don't know if it's something I could still pull off. And I am still totally undecided on color. I think maybe my natural color would be good but it remains to be seen if I can get back to that or not. I dunno. It just needs to change.


  1. My favorite is the last one! But I hate finding haircuts online because I tend to look at how gorgeous and thin the girl is and then equate that with the hair...

  2. I'm sorry it's a tough time of year for you :( You'd look good in any of those haircuts! I need to go get a trim, and I'm also trying to decide what color to dye my hair.

  3. I love the last cut and have attempted that same style..from that same picture over and over for years. Some stylist do a great job at it, others..um nope. Have not had much luck with the style sice the first time I did it in 2006 and LOVED it. Also LOVE #3 down..I want that style. Wish I could pull it off.

    Hope you are doing well. HUGS thinking of you always!

  4. I REALLY like the first, third and last cuts - I think any one of those would look amazing on you!

    I hope you're feeling better, or at least starting to. My depression usually kicks in sometime in January, and then again in June -- weird how season changes can screw with us like that. Just try to fill your days with fun autumnal things, like pumpkin patches, cider, etc etc!


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