19 July, 2012

Utah Valley. Stuff to do. So go on and do. Eh?

Kids, get out of the house this weekend. I promise, it's good for you. Here's how...

What: American Fork Steel Days!
When: today through Saturday, times vary
Where: Robinson Park, 100 East Main Street
Why: A carnival! Rides, food, carnies... Just do it. Also, fireworks, a boutique, a doll show, and more. Tons of entertainment options!
How much: it all depends on what you do. Walking around, checking out the carnies? That's totally free.

What: Spanish Fork Fiesta Days & Rodeo
When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday (today through the 24th, minus Sunday), times vary
Where: City Park - 40 South Main
Why: Another carnival! (side note: I love summer in Utah Valley.) Plus, their rodeo is a big freaking deal. It's a legit rodeo, and you should check it out. They even built a new stadium for this year.
How much: depends on what you want to do

What: Taste of the Valley
When: Saturday the 21st; 11am - 3pm
Where: Shops at the Riverwoods - 4801 North University Ave, Provo
Why: this is on my bucket list. I've wanted to hit this up for, um, forever. This year I hope to make it there! And you should, too.
How much: $10/person for a crapton of food. So worth it!

What: Lehi City Foam Day
When: Saturday the 21st; starts at 11am (foam is from 2pm - 4pm)
Where: Lehi Sports Park - 2000 West 700 South
Why: foam day! How could it get any cooler!? They spray foam everywhere, and you get to play in it. Plus, free watermelon at 2pm!
How much: free YYEEAAAHHHH!

What: Provo Farmer's Market (because I can't NOT remind you...)
When: Saturday, July 14th, from 9am to 2pm (and every Saturday through October 27th)
Where: Pioneer Park in Provo - at the southwest corner of 500 West and Center Street.
Why: Because I said so. Are you sick of me suggesting this yet?
How much: Free! Unless you buy something.

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  1. Man, I want to go to all of those, especially Foam Day are you kidding me!?


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