12 March, 2012

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Look out the window. Do you see SUNSHINE? That, combined with how warm it is out there, is frying my brain. I start my job tomorrow but Spring Fever has officially set in. All I want to do is go out and take pictures of blossoms and flowers popping out of the dirt (until Utah covers us in snow again, I know it will happen, it always does) and ride my big wheel and also my pit bike and run a 5k every day. But no, I am on my way to sitting in an office 8 hours a day. At least there's a walking path, right?

Me and underwear are not getting along today. Sometimes going commando doesn't seem all that crazy. TMI?

Purses should be required to have at least 5 pockets of varying sizes, for me to organize my shit. Two pockets is absolutely not enough.

I'm craving Chinese food right now like fat kids crave cake. Okay, I also crave cake but that's off the point.

I bought 19 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Yah, you read that right. 2 of the boxes are for Husband, the rest for me. And I will absolutely eat them all, probably by August. I am going to start a petition for Girl Scout cookies to be sold at least twice a year. Will you sign?

Go enter my giveaway because it ends next week and there are no entries. It's possibly the last one I'll do because you guys don't seem to want giveaways. And that's totally fine with me!

Go see John Carter. I know it's rated PG-13 but I took Punk (she's 10 [omg]) and I didn't feel like anything in the movie was questionable for her to see. There's some violence but not on an extreme level. Honestly, I didn't think it looked all that great but then I saw it and I really like it. Woola is my favoritest alien dog of all time. It was like Star Wars meets Gladiator. I will for sure be adding it to my collection when it comes to Blu-Ray.

Happy Monday, kids. I will be an official member of the workforce tomorrow and half of me is excited (hello, paycheck! also, human interaction) and half of me is sad (goodbye, super clean house and cuddle time with Turbo).


  1. Now I'm craving cake...thanks.

    Also, totally agree with you on the purse thing. At least five pockets.

  2. Wow, nineteen boxes?! haha that's awesome. I have to run away from the Girl Scouts like they have the plague, because otherwise I'll just eat myself sick with those cookies.

    I'm with you on the pockets for purses. Mine only has three and they're on the inside of my purse, which means they're practically useless. My old big leather purse had two outside pockets (perfect for keys, lipgloss and cell phone only) and two inside pockets, which was close to perfect! I clean out my purse probably every week, but it's still so cluttered.

  3. Agree with the purses!

    Chinese mmmm... me too. Dang diet.

    Ready how does time fly by so quick? I am always so busy everytime I check your blog its been a lot longer than I remember. Life needs to slow down.

    love your giveaways. only ones I win anymore LOL If I only stop by more often to enter and not miss them :) Mine have slowed down alot. I am to dang busy..and have been waiting in about 8 companies lately.

    19 boxes of Girl Scout cookies...Wow. Brandon bought 4 and I thought that was too many lol. They are good but never have drooled over them like some. Fresh baked hot out of the oven..those kind are my downfall.


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