26 March, 2012

Things I'm loving right now.

I did my first 5k-ish walk/jog yesterday. I was positive I could do it in less than an hour but was hoping around 45 minutes... here it is - 3.2 miles in [drumroll] 39:47.8. I'm legitimately proud of myself for that one. I know it's no record setter but that's my starting point and I would have been happy to have that my ending point! That makes me feel like under 30 minutes might actually be possible for me (ohmigod I can't believe I just typed that out loud). I did my first mile in 9:12 so I just have to hold that pace the whole time. :D

Simply Orange with mango. YUM.

Reese's eggs. The absolute perfect proportion of peanut butter to chocolate, in my humble opinion.

This song. Middle Finger by Cobra Starship ft. Mac Miller. Such a good workout song!

The fact that I got asked by a Zumba instructor if I was an instructor as well. I still totally feel like a fool when I Zumba so to be asked that made my month YEAR. I am accounting a lot of it to my cool new pants but still, it feels pretty good.

Fancy Zumba pants. Mine are grey and pink but still, super awesome.


  1. Simply Orange with Mango is amazing! The one with pineapple is good too, but the mango is the best :)

  2. super cute pants.

    love PB eggs and OJ! I need to try the simply orange with mango!


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