29 March, 2012

My new favorite thing.

Silk Fruit & Protein. So yummy!

Three flavors - mango peach, strawberry banana, and mixed berry. Mixed berry is my favorite but I like them all.

They are a really good source of protein (5 grams of protein per 1-cup serving). Mix it up with some fruit/veggies and ice, or even more protein powder, or vanilla ice cream... and you've got an amazing protein shake. I drink a big glass after I finish working out; so I can get the protein I need and it actually tastes good. Weird.

Try it and let me know what your favorite flavor is!

***I got three coupons for free product, plus some discount coupons, for reviewing the Fruit & Protein drinks. But I love it and it's always in my fridge now, even without the coupons. So I obviously like it for real.***


  1. I love to drink the fruit and protein silk. I drink a glass after I come home from running on the weekends. I haven't had it with ice cream yet but I can imagine that it must taste magical.

  2. held a Silk party.. no one came :( but it was good. I so want to try the other flavors. Out of 6 stores in Tooele county I have checked out recently I can only find one who sells it and only one flavor. Bummer. Want more coupons? I have a bunch of the $1.00 off that expire in June, I will send you some if you do. Offering a bunch as a giveaway on my blog too.


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