18 March, 2012

My favorite online deal site.

Have you ever heard of nomorerack.com? It's one of those daily deal sites (are you getting sick of them yet?) but it's my favorite. They offer 9 deals a day and one of them is typically free (you just pay shipping) and one of them you can pay for with referrals or "friends".

They also sometimes have these deals that you need to watch for - they're called Insanity Deals, and they rock. They are good deals on crack. The most recent one I saw (but was too slow to get) was a $50 Amazon gift card for $5. Sweet action.

So, go sign up for nomorerack.com, earn me some friends, and get some good deals!

***This post is sponsored by Blogsvertise. But I really do love nomorerack.com and think you should sign up for it.***


  1. What all have you bought from them? I signed up and noticed that they do have a bunch of name brand stuff. I'm a member of a couple of "deal" sites but I've only ever purchased things from Groupon and Hautelook.

  2. I bought a jacket most recently (a skateboard brand but the name is escaping me right now!) and also a couple of egg white separators around Christmas time. I think that's it so far - I'm crossing my fingers that a purse I saw will come up again because I fell in love with it but didn't order and now can't stop thinking about it. :) They also have Egyptian cotton sheets come up for around $25 and I'm thinking I should pick up a set. Let me know if you buy something and how it goes!

  3. Hey folks you can try pennywise. This is really an awesome daily deal website offering the discounts more than Groupon and eBay with only 1 penny shipping charges.


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