19 March, 2012

It's Monday, and I'm not homicidal. That's a plus, right?

The new job is going incredibly well! I actually really like it. For real. It's chill, easy, a fun atmosphere, and they brought in Wingers for lunch Friday. Wonderful!

I've been trying to talk Husband into a weekend away this weekend. It's our only one without the little so it'd just be us and some serious relaxing time. He needs it.

Speaking of the little, I am not sure I'm ready for this growing up thing. The on-and-off friends drama has already begun. I swear, it did not start that early when I was younger. This world is starting to move too fast for me.

My friend Ari and I ran/walked a mile for a charity thing on Saturday. It was fun! Windy and cold, but fun. A good starting point to my 5k goal.

I got this rad game sent to me to try out and so far, Punk and I love it! It's such a simple concept that turns into so much fun. You should see her play; she gets super competitive and the longer we play, the closer her face gets to the cards. It's actually pretty hilarious!

I've got three hundred things in my head but none of them are coming out into this ridiculous, pointless post so I'll end it here. Have a good week!

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  1. We love Spot It, its amazing how easy it can trick your mind :)

    Friend drama..I have often though the same thing. They get younger and younger with things now days. What ever happened to just being a kid with no worries?

    Hope you get your weekend away. I so want/need one too.I was excited we were at least going to Hawaii next year with my parents and had something to look forward too. We put a chunk in savings from taxes so we can go (but it would be the entire family and all we would have to pay for is the flight..deal my parents made us. They would pay the condo, food, rentals, entertainment..but we had to bring the entire family) We were all so excited. Those dreams just got washed away this past 2 weeks :( dang rental cleaning deposit and moving expenses. Unless we get a HUGE tax return next year..its so not happening. Looks like no vacation for us again. Someday.

    And awesome on the job, glad you are loving it :)


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