30 March, 2012

Finally catching up to the rest of you...

I just found two new things. They are not new at all in any way but they are new to me.

Words with Friends.
Draw Something.

Come play. I need more opponents! My username is stepmomkendahl for both. Let's play!

In unrelated news, it's Friday. Even better, it's my first payday. In over a year. Paydays are awesome! I forgot how much I like them.

Work is awesome. More awesome than work should be, I think. Which is good, right? Yes.

I bought more Girl Scout cookies. I only bought one box of the dulce de leche and I fell in love with them and then I ran out so I bought more of them on the last day the girlies were out selling. So up that total count to 23. I'm a fat kid, what can I say?

I hope you all are enjoying lovely weather like I am, and I hope it lasts all weekend even though my phone is showing this nightmarish black storm cloud. Or, rather, what looks like a storm cloud but is actually a cloud of cupcakes to rain goodness down on me. Yep.

If any of you know a Scentsy rep, send them my way. I have a warmer I want to buy and I'd rather buy it through a human that can gain from me spending money than throwing it at a website.

Have a fantastical weekend!


  1. Yes, I have a sweet Scentsy rep. I will forward her info to you.

    I just started playing draw something...so fun!!

  2. I'm glad work is going well for you. I lover hearing when people love their jobs it gives me hope since I hate my job so dang bad.

    Have a great weekend too!!

  3. No way! I just had a scentsy party yesterday! If you order from my "party" site BY MONDAY then your order goes toward my total (and thus making it more possible for me to get something free...) Go to jlzabriskie.scentsy.us/scentsy/buy They have a new line of lotions, shower gel, and perfume. I'm so psyched! They have stuff for laundry too.

  4. Glad you are loving work! Definitely makes life easier, and who doesn't love payday :)


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