11 January, 2012

Turbo reviews MrChewy.com

Turbo and I were offered the opportunity to review MrChewy.com recently, and although I was reluctant, Turbo really wanted to try them out, so I said okay (Turbo can't type [no thumbs and super long claws]).

We hopped onto their website with gift code in paw, and ordered some of the essentials - cat litter, dry cat food and canned cat food. MrChewy.com offers all sorts of brands of food, but Turbo is a picky eater so we went with what he knows and loves (Friskies).

First positive - their prices are good.

Second positive - free shipping on orders over $50. Sweet!

Third positive - my order was shipped the day after I placed it. Fast!

Fourth positive - the order was correct, and it came quickly.

My overall opinion of MrChewy.com? Very, very good! I would definitely order again, and I would recommend them for any pet needs you may have. Turbo's overall opinion?

He's smiling while he dreams of their cat food. That's got to be a good sign.

**I was offered a $50 gift code to their website in exchange for an honest review, which is exactly what this is. Honest. My experience was completely positive, and so I gave them a positive review. This review was not at all influenced by the free-ness of the gift code. Kthanxbye!


  1. your furbaby is soo cute! love his coloring.

  2. What a beautiful cat.


  3. Whoa, Turbo has some killer striping! He's very handsome. <3

    I'll check out MrChewy.com for sure!


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