24 January, 2012

Lady and the Tramp is coming out!

Out of the vault that is; not the closet.

I love when Disney movies are released from the vault. We owned nearly every Disney movie when I was younger but my mom selfishly kept them all "for the grandkids". Sheesh. So, I am in the process of collecting all of them for myself and when Punk is older I'll tell her she cannot have them because I need them "for the grandkids". Ah, the circle of life. In Disney movies.

Anyway, Lady and the Tramp is being released on February 7th (that's a Tuesday, if you're wondering). But it's even cooler than the original - it's the Diamond edition. You can get new, never before seen bonus features on both the DVD and Blu-Ray discs. I will most certainly be adding this to our Disney collection. Who can resist the spaghetti scene? And the Siamese cat song!

I love that every Disney movie has so many childhood memories attached to it, and I can only hope that one day Punk feels the same.

So, remember, Diamond edition of Lady and the Tramp out February 7th. Get it or be square! Or something.

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