13 December, 2011

Switched At Birth. The TV show, not me. At least, not that I know of.

I had never really watched ABC Family before, except for their Harry Potter marathons. But one day, I was bored and Switched At Birth was on... one episode and I was hooked. Do any of you watch it? It's seriously good. Just enough drama to keep you watching but not so much you want to throw your remote at your TV. It's about two girls who were switched at birth and raised in very different environments, and when it's found out about the switching, their worlds collide in a violent (not physically, just mentally and emotionally) manner. So good!

Intrigued? Here's a clip:

Want to watch it with me? Season 1 was released on DVD today so go pick it up!

**I was sent a review copy of Switched At Birth, Season 1 but my opinions are all mine and are not influenced by the free copy. I loved this show before the free copy existed.


  1. I totally watch that show and have been anxiously awaiting the second season!

    Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? That's on ABC Family too and seriously addicting. (Even HENRY watches it!)

  2. Never heard of it but thanks for sharing. Will have to check it out.



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