22 December, 2011

It's almost Christmas! Are you ready?

I am. All presents are wrapped and under the tree. All we need now is for Santa to grace us. I have a hunch it's going to be a good year, despite the incredibly lower budget than last year.

See this book? It's been filling my life for the last two weeks. I got a new job and I'll be selling renter's insurance. I'm seriously excited! In order to do that legally, I have to get my insurance license. So, I've been studying and taking quizzes and preparing myself for a 150-question, 2.5 hour test that I'll take in a couple of weeks. I remember now why I didn't finish college; I don't do well in a learning environment where I have to listen to someone talk and actually take in what they are saying. Wish me luck!

I have a cold that came straight from the depths of hell and is trying to drag me back down with it. My temperature yesterday was 95.5. Just a touch low. Not a wonder I was cold.

Our lovely heater woke us up this morning at 3 with a truly wonderful screeching, dying-squirrel noise. It was amazing, really. The Husband spent an hour trying to get it to stop. Successfully made it almost go away, enough for us to go back to sleep. Now it's just whimpering. Why is it that when things decide to go out, it's when it's most inconvenient for you?

I leave you with my favorite Christmas song, by Alabama. This song reminds me more of Christmas and being little than anything else. Love it. Merry Christmas!

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  1. I am ready, and I made it really easy on myself by only doing a major gift, sibling gifts, and stockings...small and sweet.

    Good luck with your new adventure. Sounds like fun.


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