18 December, 2011

Finished at last.

I finished the 60-day workout plan. (I actually finished last Sunday but didn't get around to posting until now. I've been busy studying [more on that later]. That's my excuse.) I did every day without cheating. I did every day. That's astounding! I'm proud of myself for finishing and for not cutting corners. I haven't lost any weight, according to the scale, but my pants fit better and my legs don't touch when I walk anymore. That's good enough for me! Although in all seriousness, that last day nearly killed me. 100 jumping jacks, 1 hour jog, 45 reverse crunches and 50 sit-ups. It took me an hour and a half to finish it all, but I did it.

Have you tried this? How did it go or is it going?

I learned that I still don't like running. I get bored too easily. And after about 40 minutes, the bones in my feet start feeling like they are grinding against each other. Is that because I need better shoes?

I'm doing my own plan now. 3 days of cardio/week, 3 days of targeted strength training/week (core, arms/back, legs), and a rest day. I really want to try yoga out but don't really like the idea of going to a gym to do it. Any good DVD workouts out there I could try?

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  1. Yes you might need better shoes. Running can be terrible if you don't have the right shoes. I love this workout plan. Simple and gets it done. Thanks for sharing.



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