01 December, 2011

Christmas. It's officially Christmas time.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it's Christmas time. I love the holiday season, mostly for the Christmas lights. I'm usually the person who won't listen to Christmas music until Christmas Eve but for some reason, I've been listening to it for two days. Someone send help, because something is obviously wrong.

This Christmas is going to be a hundred times smaller than last Christmas (what with me not working and all) and for some reason, I am way more excited this year.

I have been busy adding Christmas scrapbook stuff to my shop. If you find anything you like, you can use the code 'FRIENDS10' for 10% off your order! Perfect for Christmas cards. Or just to buy and stack in your craft room like I do. It's too pretty to use, dammit!

I just did 55 push-ups and my arms won't stop shaking. I understand why, but I wish they would stop.

Why is it that the satellite people want to charge me money for their tech to come out and fix a problem with their satellite? If it's their problem, shouldn't they be fixing it for free? Not charging me to fix their problem? I think so.

Trans Siberian Orchestra rocks my socks.

Baskin Robbins' flavor for December is freaking hot chocolate marshmallow. Let me type it again - HOT CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW! I don't like chocolate ice cream but I had to try it. And it's divine. I am not lying. It's light and chocolatey with a swirl of marshmallow cream and chunks of marshmallow, but it doesn't taste like regular chocolate ice cream. It is very much hot chocolate flavored. Oh my. If they sent me a ten-gallon bucket of it, I'd die happy.

Punk bought me some boots for Christmas and she is so excited to wrap them and put them under the non-tree* but I just really want to wear them! I made her hide them so I wouldn't sneak them out before Christmas. They are SO CUTE.

*We are not having a typical Christmas tree this year - I refuse to pay what the lots want and I am not exactly a hike-in-the-snow type of girl so I can't get my own, and I cannot come to terms with a fake tree quite yet. So I'm making our Christmas tree. And I don't know how to explain it but it's going to be gorgeous, I just know it. I'll take pictures, I promise.


  1. HOT CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW! Oh my goodness! : )
    I have been listening to Christmas music since Thanksgiivng.. my children want to kill me..

  2. I agree with so much of your post love it! Christmas will for sure be small this year (me no longer working and all our overtime for Brandon was cut off in July :( UGH!) I am somewhat excited for it still. Been entering unbelievable amounts of giveaways to help us out..I am so not lucky this year with them. bummer! Barrowed $270 from my Dad to get the kids Christmas til we get Brandons small bonus check to pay him back..and hit the awesome online aeropostle sales and used online codes for shirts all under $3 each for all the kids(besides the baby) and even a few for Brandon(his were $5 nice polos!) Excited about that...so it will still be wonderful. But had to break the news to my 10 yr old of the real santa because she was set that Santa was going to Bring her an ipad because both the neighbor kids got them last year and other friends got ipods. Man how would it be! Can't wait to see your tree pics!!!

  3. I seriously can't wait to see this tree. I love easy going Christmases they are the best.

  4. I don't think it matters how big or small a Christmas is. What matters most is what is in your heart. I'm excited to see pictures of your tree.


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