03 August, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - the 'I'm allergic to everything' edition.

click on it to make it bigger.

it's a mosquito bite. after two days. only about 50% of the bites I get end up doing this, but nothing any doctor has tried has made it any better. one was convinced it's because i'm itching them and causing infection but after two different antibiotics and no change, he changed his mind. i've tried benadryl and it just knocks me out. i've tried benadryl cream and while it does take the itch away, the swelling still happens. i'm open to any ideas at this point because i'm tired of them! my arm hurts where this one is so it's really awesome to bend my arm. ugh.


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    Sorry about the allergic reaction they are no fun! I use aveeno allergy cream and it works for the little hives I get from fred but I don't know if it would work for that much swelling. Hope it gets better soon.

  3. You know the show "Billy The Exterminator" on tv, when he gets bites he was saying the other day to take the benadryl pills but to also open one of them and rub the powder on the area. He says it works super fast. Since you can't take the pills, maybe try rubbing just the powder. Worth a try!!

  4. Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. Two of my children swell up like this with about 75% of their mosquito bites. You can put the oils on straight or cut them with grapeseed oil. Lavender will help with the itching and Tea Tree is an antibacterial. Good Luck from a Mom in Utah

  5. Gah, that definitely looks no bueno! And after TWO DAYS even? My god. :(

    But your nails are cute as hell!


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