28 August, 2011

Teeth brushing and whatnot. Plus, a giveaway!

This was another one of those cool things I got to do recently that I have to thank the blogging world for. I got to ask questions to Dr. Jennifer Salzer, a widely renowned dentist, leading dental health expert and mother. (Thanks to MultiVu and Crest for the opportunity!) So, without further ado, here she is with the answers to my questions...

Getting Punk to brush her teeth is one of the hardest things we have to deal with, seriously. She's pretty much a great kid, but she doesn't brush her teeth unless I specifically tell her she needs to. It's weird for me because I love brushing my teeth. Yes, I'm strange, I know. After watching the video, we did get her a toothbrush just like the one at RealMom's house and little flosser things so it's easier to floss. Hopefully things start getting easier in the oral care division.

Now, want your chance to win your own dental health package? I need you to leave me a note and tell me your biggest struggle with oral care. That's all. But you need to do it by midnight MST on September 18th. I'll pick a winner shortly thereafter using random.org and will announce the winner right here on the blog. Easy peasy, yes?

And, I did get a really sweet dental care package from Crest for doing this. With all sorts of fun things in it, like toothpaste and toothbrushes for different ages, and flossers; it's pretty awesome. But you should know by now, my opinions are my own and are not influenced by free things. :)


  1. So I have horrible teeth...and Van unfortunately got them. We are in the middle of fixing her teeth, and she is one miserable girl about it.

  2. I am just like you I love to brush my teeth and do it definitely more than twice a day. My 5 year old however hates it and we always have to go through this long tantrum before it happens. Anything to make it easier for him is on my list. He loves to floss, which is wierd, but hates to brush.


  3. My biggest struggle with oral care is flossing :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  4. Our biggest struggle is brushing our teeth 3 times a day like recommended. We brush morning and night, but to get that after lunch brush in is hard. Also, taking the time to floss is a another struggle.
    xxkimhcxx at gmail dot com

  5. getting my kids to brush as much as they should. and myself going to the dentist. I know its hard on your teeth when you are prego and I have not been for years. I need to go so bad. usually it was lack of $ and insurance..now I just have to make the time for it!

    Awesome giveaway.


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