01 August, 2011

Mandoline? What's a mandoline?

This, my friends, is a mandoline:

I would guess that most people have heard of Frigidaire, yes? But, did you know they have a whole lot more going on than just fridges? If you head on over to the Frigidaire online store, you'll see a lot more than fridges - cleaning supplies, kitchen gadges, grill covers, even air conditioner parts! Wow, eh?

So, back to the mandoline thing. I was contacted by Frigidaire to see if I aws interested in reviewing something from their store. And I was all like, heck yes! Okay, sorry, probably not so much like that, but I was in. They sent me over a $30 gift code to use and after much browsing I decided to get the mandoline. I've wanted one since I was little and that dude on TV made crinkle fries.

I got the order very quickly. I did have a problem with the order, but I contacted them and they were super fast and took complete care of me! It seems like customer service nowadays is out the window but not with Frigidaire; they really went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. Shipping = great! Customer service = great! Now, for that mandoline...

I really love it. It took me a second to get used to but once I figured out how to work the thing (seriously just me being a little difficult) it is sweet! It took me all of three seconds to cut this entire cucumber down to slices. See?

A plate full of cucumbers ready for me to chow on. And, as you can also see in that picture, everything folds out so clean-up is really super easy. The blade also comes out so you can toss that in the dishwasher to use again.

I would absolutely recommend Frigidaire as a good place to purchase from. It was easy and I was treated well. Plus, my mandoline is freaking sweet!

Legal mumbo jumbo: I received a $30 gift code to use on whatever I wanted. I did have to pay a little out of pocket for shipping, actually, but I was fine with that. The gift code did not influence my liking of Frigidaire or the mandoline; they are both just great on their own.


  1. When I was little I saw an infomercial for something like that, and ever since I have wanted one! It really does slice so nicely!

  2. Thanks for the review. I think I would like that because we slice so many things by hand. I will check out the website. Thanks.



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