27 July, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - with a side of recipe

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. Really easy! REALLY yummy.

1 box white cake mix
eggs, oil and water as stated on box
Pink lemonade powder mix

Dump some of the pink lemonade powder in the water. I wanted the flavor to be strong so I kept adding until I could tell it was near the point the powder wouldn't dissolve any more.

Add pink lemonade mixture, eggs and oil to box mix and make as directed on the box.

I told you it was easy. And they are super freaking good! Top with a cream cheese frosting, or try a pink lemonade whipped cream frosting if you want something light (take heavy cream, whip, add powdered sugar, whip some more, add pink lemonade concentrate, whip some more, add powdered sugar/whip to desired consistency). I didn't go with either of these options but in my opinion, my frosting sucked so I'm not posting the recipe. (I was told it wasn't bad but I could feel the texture of the pink lemonade powder and it totally ruined the frosting for me.)

My cupcake liners are behemoth and super tall for some reason. I thought they were normal until I put them in the cupcake pans. So, I baked them and frosted them inside the liners. It was actually lucky because the frosting was super runny. Hence why I have a marbled look to the tops instead of white and pink striped star frosting mounds. Yeah.

Anyway, the cupcake recipe rocks my socks so make it and love it. Kthanksbye!


  1. Yeay! So glad you posted this now I'm going to have to try this it. I finally made some but just used a basic recipe. This sounds so much better.

  2. those look so good..mmmmmmm

    Saw these the other day http://www.honeywhatscooking.com/2011/07/red-velvet-swirl-cheesecake-brownies.html
    thats my next goodie attempt..when ever I find the time to bake :)


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