08 July, 2011

My quote of the day today was from Al Bundy. That's awesome.

I need your help. Yes, dear reader, you. I bought this super cute dress from Target on the clearance rack for $3. Killer deal. But it needs something. It's not fitted at all so when I wear it without anything around my waist, it looks sorta mu-mu-ish. [See Example A and Example B]

Example A

Example B

(side note: do I look totally high in that first picture? I have no idea what that face is I'm making but it's not cute.)

See? mu-mu-ish. I've got this black stretchy belt that I wore with it once, but that just made it seem a little bland. [see Example C]

Example C

(there's that face again. I've got to stop taking pictures of myself.)

What can I do to make this dress live up to its $3 potential? I'm stumped.


  1. do you have a funky chunky necklace? maybe yellow or aqua or red?? I love the belt with the dress you just need some fun jewelery now! :)

  2. A necklace is a great idea. I love it with the belt or maybe even a red belt. What a great deal you got!

  3. I love the dress and wow that is a great deal. I love the belt but try a colored belt so it gives contrast. Or if you want to use the black belt then use a bright colored necklace and bracelet to give it some punch. Looks great.

  4. I love the necklace idea too :) either way you look fabulous!

    And I agree, I hate when I take pictures of myself, I just can't smile normal..but you still look cute!

    Was in town the other day..completely spaced it or I would have stopped by for those clothes. Ooops oh well. Hope you are doing great and having a fun summer!

  5. I think a belt would work wonders but something funky, thick and in a different color.
    I cannot believe you got a dress for 3.00!!! How lucky are you??
    Crystal Lynn

  6. Add a skinny red belt. Just a bit of color and it will make a huge difference! Another option would be to permanently attach a colored ribbon.

  7. I would suggest a chain belt and as others have said, some jewellery.


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