15 June, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - The bittiest little guy ever.

I was going through my Sunday papers when I noticed something moving across the floor. I got in for a closer look, and saw this tiny, itty bitty thing:

CLICK on the picture to get a better view!

Isn't he the littlest praying mantis you ever did see? He was no taller than a pencil eraser is wide. That was the smallest field of vision my camera could get. I didn't have the heart to smash him so I asked him nicely to go back outside where he belongs. :)


  1. What the devil? Is it a baby? That's crazy.

  2. Ok. No. After approaching him carefully, I would have screamed loudly, and reached for the nearest flip flop with which to squash him. You're sort of a bug saint, you know...


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