21 June, 2011

What to do with kids and what seems like endless days of summer boredom.

I know tons of people out there are making lists for what they want to do with their kids on summer vacation. We don't have an actual written list, but there are things I really want to take Punk to do, like play in the water at The Gateway, and go to the aquarium, and Seven Peaks, and the Great Salt Lake...

I only have weekends to plan for so it's pretty easy to fill the time. If you aren't like me and are one of those 'full-time parents' (say it with a snotty voice, it's fun :), you might be looking for fun things to do while they are on break. Our friends over at Punchbowl are here to help, with a few really fun ideas for the littles! So you can keep them busy instead of them nearly setting the kitchen on fire trying to make shish kabobs in the oven with wooden sticks. Oh, that was just me? Okay then. Anyway... here are a few ideas from Punchbowl.

Stay out of the sun! Old-fashioned indoor activities

There are those inevitable days during the summer where the rain won't stop or it's too hot to be outside for an extended period of time. On those days, turn your house into a neighborhood hotspot by setting up these fun indoor activities that hark from the days before television and video games.

Have an Indoor Picnic: Gather a picnic blanket, basket, plastic plates and forks and serve lunch right on your living room floor. Make a variety of sandwiches, put chips into baggies and cut up a fruit salad and let the kids help themselves. Encourage everyone to tell stories, play "I Spy" or share riddles and jokes.

Play Hide-and-Seek: Organize a game of hide-and-seek with a group of neighborhood kids. Gather everyone in one spot and go over the rules: the seeker counts to one hundred and all the kids go hide (be sure to outline where hiding is acceptable and where it isn't). Set a timer for five minutes. The first child to be found is the next seeker. Count how many kids the seeker finds within five minutes and at the end of the game, the seeker to find the most hiders wins (good "prizes" are dollar store finds like water guns, barrettes, sidewalk chalk, etc.).

Put on a Puppet Show: Set up a craft table with lunch-size paper bags, markers, crayons, yarn, kid-friendly scissors, glue, old buttons, left-over ribbon, pipecleaners, etc. Demonstrate to the kids how to make a puppet using all of these materials and let their creative juices flow. Once the puppets are finished, give them a few minutes to put together a rough outline of their show and set them up behind a couch or chair so only the puppets are showing. Record the show on your smart phone or video camera and let everyone watch (and giggle!) at the finished product.

Want more ideas? Want to stay IN the sun? Check out this post for even more fun ideas for you and your kiddos this summer.

Just for the FTC: I am getting a free membership upgrade to Punchbowl for posting about this. That is all. I still think they are cute ideas, whether or not they gave me anything. Opinions are all mine. So there.


  1. I usually already have a list of what we are doing with them for the summer when we have them all together..this year with the baby on the way I may not be on the ball yet. But We do have discount tickets to the discovery museum @ Gateway and to the living planet aquarium. We also love www.utahkidsclub.com and buy the pass by month $12 usually but can get it for $7.99 with code FACEBOOK its so worth it even to buy for a month or two of summer then cancel. one time someplace pays for itself easy! You sould come to the Highland splash pad http://www.highlandcity.org/index.aspx?NID=234 instead of the Gateway.. it has a fun man made river thing with it and the kids LOVE it and not usually as crazy as the gateway one, plus alot closer :) We will be there for sure alot come July.

  2. https://fox13now.kostizi.com/deals

    Watch this site..great deals daily for things in the area. I got 4pk Aquarium tickets for $15 yesterday!


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