02 June, 2011

Today is I Love My Dentist day. It's also National Rocky Road day. Go figure.

I don't like chocolate ice cream, or chocolate cake for that matter. Is that weird? And whose idea was it to make it I Love My Dentist day AND National Rocky Road day on the same day? Here, dentist, I love you but I'm rotting my teeth out eating ice cream with hard chunks in it. Just for you. Muah.

I actually really like my dentist. He's a little crazy and it makes it more fun going in. Plus he makes fun of my messed up mouth, which is awesome. Seriously though, good dentists are hard to find. We went to this one dentist who thought he was God's gift to dentists and I wanted to hit him every time we went in. He was awful.

It's Thursday today which means tomorrow is Friday and also Shibrolet's birthday and she is SO OLD! She's going to pass me up here soon.

I am going to mow the lawn today. For the first time ever. EVER. That was my Dad's chore when I was growing up and so I never learned how but since I don't work I figured it was only right of me to maybe get out there and mow but, like I said, I don't know how; and I have this irrational fear of cutting one of my feet off. Weird?

I LOVE babies. LOVE them. As long as they aren't permanently mine. We have a new nephew and he is adorable and he loves me, and I love that I can give him back when he stinks. It's the perfect scenario. Now if my bestie Dot (name changed to protect the innocent) would just hurry her pregnancy along I would be grateful. I cannot wait to find out what she's having because then I can start planning the shower and also making gifts and it can't come fast enough.

Over on another site I hang out at, we are talking about favorite ice cream flavors and I just wanted to tell you all to head to ColdStone, get either amaretto or sweet cream ice cream, and add maraschino cherries and cookie dough. Just do it. It's so good. Or hit up SubZero and get sour watermelon ice cream with mini marshmallows.

I need ice cream so bad right now it's killing me. Seriously, if there were any ice cream places open this minute, I would already be there. Oh, send help. It's going to be a rough day.


  1. Oh, it's quite hard to find good dentists who will make you feel comfy in the clinic. Hmmm, rocky road is one of the best ice cream flavors. Nothing will ever beat it! Haha!

  2. the dentist should be a four letter word...the end.

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  4. Looking for a dentist is easy, but getting comfortable with your dentist may take some time. Well at least you're happy and contented with your dentist now. And btw, I love rocky road ice cream too! For me, it's the best!

  5. Good thing you found a wonderful dentist. It's always nice to have one you can depend on whenever you have a dental problem. Cheers for the rocky road ice cream!

  6. I think everyone loves Rocky Road-flavored ice cream, even dentists. Although some of them may not admit it. It's okay to reward yourself once in a while especially if you've been taking good care of your teeth and you often go to the dentist. But do remember to go through the routine of brushing and flossing after eating.

    Bianca Jackson


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