05 June, 2011

Parades are boring. I don't know if you knew.

I cannot remember for the life of me why I thought parades were cool when I was little. They are actually incredibly boring. Punk walked/danced through a parade yesterday and I sat in the sun behind some of the most obese people I've ever personally seen in my life. Good times.

I really wonder if people realize what they are doing to their children. This family of four put away a 12" sub and three dozen donuts BEFORE 10AM! Jeepers. I wonder why you have to buy the camp chairs that are made for two people for just yourselves. Please stop while your kids still have a chance to correct their eating habits.

We spent the rest of the day at the carnival. That was pretty fun, but some random little girl that got put in our spinning strawberry ruined the day for us. She was the fountain of vomit that looked like cat food. Some sort of miracle from above was all that kept my lunch down (I am a sympathy puker [just another reason I don't want a baby {and no, it's not different when it's your own kid when you are as bad as I am, promise}]). We were done after that.

It's finally starting to feel like summer; yesterday was 80ยบ+ and sunny and beautiful. My arms are sunburnt. Just my arms.

Punk's last day of school was Friday, and it's her last day with her friends there because they moved. She came out and got in the car, and I looked back, and she was just sobbing. Poor thing. I never had to move schools when I was little, but I did have friends that moved, and that was hard enough.

I am so glad she still chooses to hold my hand. I thought for sure that would be over and gone, but not quite yet. Also, I'm not ready for her to turn 10 this week. I'm just NOT ready.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine has been pretty great so far, other than being in the car for what feels like 5 hours. Oh wait, it was 5 hours. Alrighty then. Have a good Sunday and a wonderful week. I'll be trying to figure out what to get a soon-to-be 10-year-old who already owns everything.


  1. Well, the only parades I go to are the really cool ones in Disneyland. AND I did enjoy a parade in Seattle once for the New Year. It was ridiculously fun. BUT it wasn't little kids, or ugly floats.

  2. I agree parades are boring.. I take my kids only on the 4th of July just so they can experience it, and they love them ONLY because all the candy LOL

    Moving is so hard at that age. It kills me we have had to move my kids so much. My soon to be 10 yr old told me after school got out this year.."Mom I really hope we don't have to move this time!" and the look on her face almost broke my heart. She went to Kindergarten & first grade then we moved 3 hrs away when my hubby lost his job, went to 2nd grade there..made tons of new friends..and as soon as the school year was over again..we moved here to AF. She is so worried things will change again and she will have to leave all her friends. It was so hard on her the first time and such a surprise to all the kids when they came back from their dads for the month of summer to see our house packed and find we were moving so we had a little moving away party with all their friends from the area..rented a huge bounce house made lots of goodies and sent out little notes with the invites for them to write down their address and special memories with the kids. Its been a great keepsake and now they have lots of penpals, last year we just made sure to get alot of their friends addresses and the kids LOVE to write to all their friends from the last few school years. We make it down that way now and then and try to have playdates & things once in a while it helps for sure. Friends are such a huge part of their lives at this age, its sad when they have to say goodbye to them.


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